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Not-your-average Buffalo Chili

Buffalo chili

Winter is coming…..to LA. That’s right, people – this week we finally have highs in the low 60’s and lows in the mid- 40’s.  Anyone who knows me is well aware that I abhor cold weather, so that means I have to prepare myself as much as possible….which means I have already made a giant pot of Bison Chili.

I have been a  big fan of bison meat for awhile now. I think it actually tastes better (but not vastly different)  than its much more popular  cousin beef, yet is way more healthful. Pound for pound, bison meat packs in more protein and less calories and saturated fat than beef. Even better, due to the way most bison are raised (very differently than poor factory-farmed cattle), you stand a much better chance of getting nutritionally superior grass-fed meat from animals that have been free to roam.  I get my bison from Lindner Bison at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market or from Whole Foods. Many major grocers now also sell buffalo meat, but be aware that odds increase that the meat has been grain-finished (check the label, if that matters to you). Continue reading