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Nuts over Sqirl

“Mmmmmm…….Squirrel.” These words have probably been uttered together in the backwoods of America. Luckily, furry tree-dwelling nut hunters in the City of Angels need not fret if they overhear that phrase. Chances are, it’s a hungry human getting ready to pounce on East Hollywood’s delectable Sqirl cafe.

Opened in Fall of 2012 by jam-maker Jessica Koslow, Sqirl is a breakfast- and-lunch-serving delight on an unassuming stretch of Virgil Avenue. Jessica’s jams permeate the menu and come in a nice variety of drool-inducing flavors (Blueberry Rhubarb? Raspberry Lavender? Strawberry Rose Geranium? Yes, yes, and YES!)

While there is no shortage of great breakfasts being served in LA, it’s Sqirl’s unique take on savory first-meal-of-the -day fare that really sets it apart.  For example, let’s break down the Kokuho Rose Brown Rice bowl.  I’m sure the name alone invites the question – “What the heck is Kokuho Rose Brown Rice??”. Answer: it’s an heirloom Japanese-style brown rice grown on Koda farms here in California.  Take this high-quality rice, and top it with a sorrel pesto, preserved meyer lemon, lacto-fermented hot sauce, french feta, and a perfectly poached egg. All these parts come together to create a deliciously tangy and savory whole. While some of these ingredients may not be entirely familiar to the everyday diner, one thing is clear….these Sqirl folks aimed to create a next-level delicious breakfast dish. I thoroughly enjoyed the complex combinations of flavor in every bite.

Still thinking about that jam??  Well, how about putting it on a slightly charred piece of buttery brioche, which has already been topped with a delicious mound of house-made ricotta? Let me confirm what you already suspect…it is crunchy, sweet and creamy mouthful that will definitely show up in your dreams all week long. (Did I mention the ricotta is made in-house??)

If, oddly enough, those items don’t tickle your fancy (in which case…I’m judging you), other carefully crafted menu items abound. (Daily quiches, frittatas, brown rice porridge, and granola with in-house almond milk, to name a few).  Take a seat in the lovely outside patio – no doubt there will be furry friends in the trees supporting your Sqirl (not squirrel) consumption.



sqirl  720 N. Virgil Avenue. Los Angeles, 90029